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International Project - activities of singing hospital in the World

Singing hospitals is promoting Singing and Health in hospitals, health centres and homes for the Elderly.
Until the end of 2012 Singing Hopitals has certified more than 35 hospitals and instutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.These institutions do now a regularly therapeutic singing work for patients with well trainind singing leaders through our organization. These projects are also researched in cooperation with Prof. Stephen Clift/United Kingdom, Director of the Sidney de Haan Reasearch Centre for Arts and Health and Prof Dr. Gunter Kreutz University of Oldenburg/Germany. New scientific knowledge will be feeded back into our projects.
In 2012 we extended our work more internationally and we opened our training programs to singing leaders from all over the world.
Hospitals, Homes for the Elderly and other Health institutions can contact us if they are interested in more information about this work or in a certification as a singing hospital. If you are interested please contact Mrs. Sonja Heim

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